Workstation for overhead line


The intelligent solution
for overhead contact line auscultation
and maintenance.

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant agreement No 778608


TELICE, Technology in the field

tCat Catenary Workstation

The position of the overhead line geometry in the railway installations is traditionally determined manually by the crew in charge of the assembly and maintenance. Manual measurements and visual inspections to determine the state of the system are costly, as they require a large amount of resources and entail the need to often contrast the goodness and exactness of the measurements.

In this context the tCat workstation has been conceived by TELICE to facilitate the geometric auscultation of the overhead line parameters, like height and stagger, and track parameters, such as track gauge and cant.

The tCat workstation is the tool of choice during the design and execution phases of the project, as well as for the latermaintenance of the overhead line equipment.

Due to its technical characteristics, speed and simplicity this pioneering system represents a breakthrough in the geometric auscultation works, achieving accurate and consistent measurements and a big time-saving against traditional methods.

With these features and the variety of parameters that can be obtained, the tCat is suitable for both public administrations and assembly and maintenance companies. The system simplifies the fulfilling of requirements and streamlines execution, making it more flexible, with the resulting cost savings and ability to meet delivery deadlines.

Robust,light and ergonomic design.
High performance on overhead line surveying works
Error free data input.
Automated input of data. Graphical and numerical display of values, exportable to XML, DXF…
Precise measurements. Repeatability and speed with measurements.

Horizon 2020
tCat is a project co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
of the European Union under grant agreement No. 778608.


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